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The Insurer Of The Future—Part 8—Smart Automation
« on: December 29, 2017, 11:57:25 PM »
The Insurer Of The Future—Part 8—Smart Automation
It's been a memorable year for chatbots and artificial intelligence (AI). Microsoft's Tay turned into a racist, Facebook's bot developed its own language, freaked out its creators, and had to be shut down. Most recently, Open AI (supported by none other than Elon Musk) created a bot that learned how to play the popular MOBA game Dota 2 in two weeks and wrecked a bunch of professional players. IBM's Watson cognitive system is capable of human-like inference and communication, meaning that it has cognitive abilities. Watson has already proved its abilities in a variety of fields, from quizzes to healthcare projects. In Finland, Watson has been piloted in screening prematurely born babies for a sepsis risk. The software uses the data of previous patients who have suffered from sepsis and compares them to the real-time data accumulating in a digital patient data system, looking for early signs of the condition's development.
Users can also use Facebook Messenger to send a message to CheapOair, which will help you book a flight. Unlike some of the other bots that allow you to combine multiple pieces of information into one message request (check out our Skyscanner search screenshot above), this bot asks you one question at a time, so it takes a while to get results. It's useful that the travel bot shows you the 10 cheapest flights when you enter your destination information, and it gives you the option to look at the next 10 fares.
If you've purchased keyword ad space using GoogleAdWords lately, you've already used AI - in the form of its automated bidding system Advertisers can automatically bid for the lowest possible cost per click (CPC) to efficiently and effectively capture traffic from Google results.
Keeping customer's attention requires ingenuity, creativity, imagination, inspiration that algorithms can't replicate. If you want to cut through the competition with your content, you need to produce something your customers actually WANT, something they find interesting and useful.
This week, at the New York TechCrunch event, he unveiled his latest bot, a thing called Viv. The program is billed as much smarter than Siri. It can handle complex questions, deal with supplementary inquiries (while Siri has the short-term memory of a goldfish), and interact successfully with other AI systems.
Conversational search queries and algorithms are changing thanks to AI - and, in turn, these changes are forcing search engine marketers and content creators to adapt. Long-tail keywords have been replaced by conversational keywords, and writing blog post after blog post about every topic imaginable has been replaced by the topic cluster keyword strategy, as outlined in the video below. In fact, we're adapting our blogging strategy to this new model here at HubSpot - and that's partly because of AI.
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